It’s your Roof’s birthday!

Although you may not want to celebrate when your roof’s birthday comes around, you will want to take the time to schedule a free inspection. Regular maintenance on your roof is important and will help you plan whether or not to replace your roof on your schedule. The life span of a shingle/asphalt composition roof will typically last anywhere from 15-20 years. The factors that contribute to its life span are climate, weather conditions, the durability of roof type along with the quality of today’s roof material versus 20 years ago.

Major Roof Wear

If your shingles appear cracked, blistered, are buckling or missing, you may be in need of a roof replacement. Additional signs of roof damage are roof bald spots, curling shingles, rust or breaks on flashing around the chimney seals, vents and skylights. If you experience granules in the gutters, this is a sign of shingle deterioration. You should have your roof examined to determine its lifespan and start the planning stages of getting a new roof.

Leaking Roof

If the outer layer of your roof has substantial damage to the foundation of its building materials, it will result in a leak. Although each source of a roof leak has its own typical underlying cause, in some cases it turns out to be less expensive to pay for a new roof than to repair it. If you opt to make repairs, and depending on the extent of the damage, be aware and create a scheduled timeframe to eventually replace your roof as this could be a sign of bigger problems down the road.

Sagging Roof

A sagging or deformity on your roof is actually an Emergency Roof Repair! This problem indicates water damage on plywood causing it to warp, rot and weaken. There might be signs of a leak in the attic, sagging decking between the rafters and dark spots in the wood or ceiling. Contact a professional at GSM Roofing to inspect these damages. Do not attempt to inspect it yourself as this can be a potential safety hazard. These signs can result in a dangerous situation and possibly imminent danger for you and your family. Seek an expert as soon as you can.

Style & Appeal

If your roof is out of style or looks tired and worn, it may be time to replace it. Visible moss and algae on your roof are not necessarily a reason to panic, however, it can be hard on the eyes and a sign of looming roof repairs. Moss can give a look of shaded spots which can be indicative of trapped moisture and can eventually result in rotting shingles. Algae will result in visible dark streaks on your roof deck. Many people do not have any of these areas of concern and simply update their roof as a personal choice for style and aesthetic purposes. Replacing your roof prior to its life span is a great idea to save you from experiencing the stresses of future roof repairs.