Yes, it is true that the initial investment of a metal roof versus a shingle roof is more expensive. There are several factors involved that clarify why the cost is higher on the onset and why it’s a financially wise decision. At GSM Roofing, we are committed in educating you on the investment of a metal roof.

Made Texas Strong

Metal roofs are more popular and recommended in warmer climates because of their extreme durability. The intense sun, high temperatures, and hailstorms are especially damaging to roof materials and only metal roofs are made to withstand these elements. Texas doesn’t regularly see windstorms, but if we ever do, your metal roof is built to sustain up to 140 mile winds! Shingles cannot compare to the strength of metal panels. A shingle roof will wear and crack over time, endure damaged from storms, are not fire resistant, are vulnerable to mildew, and most importantly will need replacement after 14-18 years on average.

Value, Value, Value $

The $avings of a metal roof are plenty! First off, you will not need to replace your roof for 50+ years! None of the “value” areas mentioned apply to a shingled roof.

Professional Installation & Quality Material

Installing a metal roof is a specialized job that requires skilled and trained tradesmen. Other factors that are weighed into the cost are the quality of the metal panels and required accessories. Every roof is different, the costs also vary whether the roof is new construction or not, location, the design complexity, project size and the installation timeframe. At GSM Roofing, our materials are produced with state of the art machinery ensuring a precise fit every time for every project. Choose your metal roofing company wisely, you get what you pay for.

Safety First!

Having a metal roof is the only sure way to protect your home or property from being a fire risk! They are non-combustible so they are rated with a Class A fire rating, which is the most resistant roofing material you can have. Shingle roofs are not fire-resistant and are susceptible to igniting wooden structures resulting in a higher risk of costly property damages.

It Pays to be Green!

Metal roofs are “Environmentally Friendly”. At the end of their lifespan, metal roofs are up to 99% recyclable! They reduce the negative impact on our landfills and are also virtually zero out-gassing. Shingle roofs are not recyclable, they produce greenhouse gas emissions and end up negatively impacting our environment as they end up in our landfills.