At GSM Roofing, we know how important it is to be well informed on the advantages on your metal roof. Getting a new roof in 2020 has costly, practical and aesthetic implications, not to mention it’s the most important investment of your home and property. Metal roofing materials outperform and outlast conventional roofing material, ensuring the most security on your investment.


Metal roofs have the most proven performance in durability and safety benefits than any other roofing material. They’re built to last with a building components serving as a strong barrier against the environmental forces.

The most capable material in resisting a fire is a metal roof. Metal roofs are non-combustible and will not spark or ignite flames a wildfire or in a lightning strike. It is the number one prevention measure one can take to keep their property safe from a fire risk.

Metal roofs are built by skilled technicians with precision and care. Built to last, they are mechanically fastened versus relying on a rapidly aging adhesive that weaken over time due to the elements like traditional asphalt roofs do. Metal roofs can withstand up to 140 miles per hour winds along with abuse from extreme weather such as snow and hailstorms.


A metal roof ultimately pays for itself in many areas of savings. For starters, the investment of a metal roof will last you 50+ years. Energy wise, a metal roof reflects solar heat, decreases attic temperatures reducing cooling costs up to 25%. In warmer climates like Texas, a higher potential in savings can be expected. Your cooling system also benefits in an extended lifespan as the need for running your cooling system decreases. The savings continue to add up with your metal roof, many insurance companies offer significant discounts on policies, Federal Tax Credit Incentive, longer warranties and all the while, your resale value of your home or property increases!


Investing in a metal roof is beneficial in style and beauty! The aesthetics of your home is very important, at GSM Roofing, we offer architectural styles, custom options to match your home, your home additions or your neighborhood. Metal roofs have the most color and pattern options than any other roofing material. Design your beautiful metal roof today!


Maintenance on a metal roof is minimal and easy. Metal roofing materials lasts 50+ years with almost zero upkeep. Unlike shingles, the structural integrity of a metal roof remain leak free for at least the life of the product warranty (20-30 years) and often referred to as “maintenance free”. Performing regular maintenance on your roof of any type should not, however, be overlooked.


A metal roof is a “Green Roof”. When purchasing a metal roof, you are making a positive environmental impact on “Going Green” and reducing your environmental footprint. At the end of a metal roof lifespan, it is 99% recyclable unlike the traditional tar-laden asphalt roofs. New construction also has a wide range of options and Energy Star certifications for meeting building codes with a metal roof for being “Environmentally Friendly”, reducing the negative impact on our landfills. Last but not least, all metal roofs are virtually zero out-gassing, no other roofing material can claim that!